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     Art has always been a part of Andrews life, and he has been painting for the past 15 years. He excelled at college level art classes in highschool where he was recognized for his artistic abilities. Andrew is a self-taught artist with a variety of skills not just in painting but in mural painting, illustration, sculpture, and landscape design.  He grew up in rural south east Pennsylvania, where the wild lands fueled his desire to create more art. His love of nature led to new art and eventually to college where he studied Environmental Studies, at The University of Vermont.

    Since college Andrew moved out to California where he elevated his love for art and the environment to new heights as a professional fine arts painter, commission painter, muralist and a Landscape Designer.

In general, Andrew’s paintings are inspired from nature. One of the main themes in his work is the time of day, the golden hour.

    Andrew has strived to emulate the painting qualities of Maxfield Parrish, and has adapted a painting technique similar to how Maxfield painted. This consisted of layers of translucent glazes starting with white highlights and blue shadows, building the colors layer by layer e.g., a red layer on top of a blue layer makes it look purple. This allows colors to be mixed and enhanced as light passes through the layers, making for a luminous color.

    Andrew has been featured in a variety of galleries around the US the most recent being featured in the 85th annual Hudson Valley Art Associations national juried art exhibit, and in August 2018s edition of The Fight Magazine.

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